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The Stamp River

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The Stamp River Located Near the Town of Port Alberni, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Sockeye, Summer Steelhead, Salmon and Fall Steelhead Guided River Charters!

Great Fishing Outlook For 2013/2014!

Mid June thru mid July, 2013, there will be Sockeye salmon in the lower Stamp river.

The Stamp/Somass river Sockeye return is one of the largest salmon runs into this area. With hundreds of 5-10lb Sockeye swimming past the drift boat everyday, making for some great fishing on our light gear rods or 7/8wt fly rods! The fishery is just plain fun all around, the socks are extremely fresh and bright as they enter the river with a lot of energy making for a fantastic sportfishery. You can keep 2\day per person after June 15th. We try to get on the water early andd fish during the morning bite. There are two great options for this fishery, 1.) You can fish Sockeye for $350/day/2 anglers or, 2.) Fish the Sockeye in the morning in the lower Stamp river, then fish for big trout and some summer steelhead in the upper Stamp river for $500/day/2 angers.

September and October Stamp River Salmon Fishing for only $425/day/2 anglers, these dates book up very early, so please book early.

Would you like to play a Huge Chinook (kings) Salmon in the Stamp river? Book a guided trip between Sept 1st, 2013 and October 15th, 2013 and you’ll get your chance! For 8 to 17lb Coho (silvers) book a guided trip between Sept 1st, 2013 and October 31st, 2013. If you would like to play many Steelhead a day then book a charter between October 10th, 2013 and December 31st, 2013. Power drifter

Please Contact me to book a trip: Click Here.

The Coho (silver) fishery on the Stamp River, (near Port Alberni, BC) is one of the best in BC. Also, the river and the scenery during this time of the year is fantastic. There are more than a 15 resident bears that patrol the river banks looking for an easy meal and many eagles that lay claim to the tree tops above. Days start early to get that early morning bite, with the cool crisp mist coming off the water and the complete silence that is to be expected from this majestic river, hundreds of Coho swimming under the boat, this truly is a world renowned fishery.sept maui jim

The Stamp river has tens of thousands of Salmon return annually

We are the only company that uses drift boats or power drifters on the Stamp River, and the only guide company that can accommodate fly anglers on the our boats. We feel that the drift boat is the best way to experience this natural setting. We specialize in running the river like so many others have for decades before us! We have three styles of boats; the Power Drifter that can be rowed downstream like a drift boat but has a jet motor and can power back up stream. Our drift boats are AIRE rafts with fishing frames and a 17ft Hyde Aluminum drift boat with room for three gear anglers or twoDCIM100GOPRO fly fishers plus the guide (who rows the boat). All our boats are Transport Canada certified, inspected, insured and are the safest boats on the market today. All our guides are fully qualified, licensed, experienced and insured to give you the best quality day of fishing on the river!

These are perfect platforms to fly fish and gear fish from.

The regulations allow for the retention of 2 Coho, and 2 Steelhead per day, but you can safely release as many as you like.

– We provide all the gear, rods, reells and tackle and 7 to 8 hours of guided fishing, you just need to bring a fishing license and your lunch! Although we can provide lunches if necessary.

Book your trip early as our bookings will fill up very early in the year. There are only 50 + good Stamp River fishing days for Coho/Chinook during the fall, so book us early.

Steelheading on the Stamp River! Aug 1st – 25th(Summer Steelhead) and Oct. 10th – April 30th. (Fall and Winter Steelhead)

Steelhead are the #1 river sport fish in North America. Steelheader’s are anglers who are passionateIMG_0788 about fishing, and want to catch the hardest fighting fish in the rivers. The Stamp River is one of the best kept secrets in British Columbia, with large runs of Salmon and Steelhead. What makes the Stamp river unique is the Robertson Creek hatchery which helps to keep the numbers of Steelhead high enough that anglers can actually retain up to 2 hatchery Steelhead per day. The river is best fished from a drift boat or a power drifter, as many of the best spots are not shore accessible. The long fishing season for Steelhead means you can successfully catch Steelhead from November through April. This is a popular fishery and I will be booking up early, so if you have some dates in mind please book early! We can accommodate the beginner to the expert anglers.

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We can also make a custom fishing trip for you and your friends for any one of the 20+ rivers and lakes that we are licensed and insured to guide on. Please feel free to contact me at .

Here are your special early booking rates:

3 Day Fishing Trips: $1200 for 2 anglers.

3 x full days of guided fishing on our drift boat for up to 2 anglers per boat. The day starts at day break, we meet at your accommodation and then transport you to the river. We launch our drift boat/power drifer and begin our day of fishing on the river. Some of the day will be fished from the boat and some will be from the river bank. An included lunch will be served on the river bank. At the enddrift boat of the day, we recover the boat, clean and pack your fish and drop you off at your accommodation.

Contact me to book a charter: Click Here

Single Day Fishing Trips on the Stamp River are $425/ 2 anglers

A full day of guided fishing in our drift boat for up to 2 anglers. The day starts at day break, we meet at your accommodation and then transport you to the river. We launch our drift boat or power drifter and begin our full day of angling on the river. Some of the day will be fishing from the boat and some will be from the river bank. At the days end, we recover the boat, clean your fish and take you off at your accommodation.

All bookings require a deposit. Please contact us with any questions you may have. Contact me for more information: Click Here

Please visit my main website at

All accommodation, alcohol, food, taxes and gratuities are not included in the price unless specifically stated.

Please note: Deposits are required at the time of booking. Deposits are 100% refundable prior to 30 days of departure on the fishing trip. If you cancel or postpone your fishing trip within 30 days of departure on the fishing trip, the deposit will not be refundable but can be used as a credit towards your next fishing trip with us. We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Cash.